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Personalised Iron on Transfer - AFL St Kilda X 2 Pieces

Personalised Iron on Transfer - AFL St Kilda X 2 Pieces

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You can make your new T Shirt with an iron in your living room, bed room and garage

Give your old t-shirt a new life with an iron on transfer. 

Great for T-shirts (especially if you want to hide a stain or hole), aprons, hats, tablecloths, pillow case or material that is 100% Cotton or 50/50 Cotton Polyester.

This iron on transfer can be use on any colour T shirt, black, white, grey, green, orange etc......  

We use Transfer paper, which is made in USA to print the image. Follow by cut along the edge of the design without leaving a margin.

Our Iron on Transfer can be washed in a washing machine (gentle cycle, no bleach), colour keep for long years.

This “iron on transfer” is printed on a transfer paper, NOT embroidered patches.

Our iron on transfer is NOT suitable for denim (jeans) or textured fabrics (example corduroy).  

Great for surprise gifts and parties! 

This is not official merchandise.      

(Measurement Error: 1-3 mm)



  1. A) 1 Sheet of ready transfer paper with the image that you order (without clothing / without T shirt) 

  (We use a vinyl weeding tool or Xacto blade to gently separate an edge of the design from the carrier backing and peel the rest of the design by hand. We know that peel off the image can be challenging and frustrated. We peel off half of the transfer film from the base paper for you to ensure that you have no difficulty to peel off the image from the transfer paper) 

  1. B) 1 Sheets of silicone paper (cover sheet)
  2. C) Small practice sample transfer to test application process prior to applying onto your garment (Use on an old t-shirt or other similar material to test).



1) Turn Garment Inside-Out.

2) Machine Wash Cold.

3) Use Colour-Safe Detergent and No Chlorine Bleach.

4) Remove Promptly from Washer.

5) Promptly Tumble Dry on Low Heat with Garment Turned Inside-Out.


7) Do Not Iron Directly on Image.


If you want to print Alice, we print Alice.

If you want us to print ALICE, we print ALICE.

If you want us to print ALCCE, we print ALCCE.

If you want us to print WRONG, we print WRONG.

We do not do spelling check.

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